Jan. 3rd, 2004

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Shaking his head as orange hair fell around him he sighed, eyes were closed as he sat on his bed, the window opened as he leaned against the wall. He felt the wind blowing in and he could feel his hair move due to the force of the cold wind. He welcomed it in his dark room though, abosulity dark that you really couldn't see in it. No one was supose to see in the room, he knew who was there what was there, and if someone wanted him they could just knock on the door. He sighed though as his opened his blue eyes looking around the room. He wondered, did Weiß ever get tired of fighting? Or did they enjoy this as much as they did? He chuckled to himself, the game was getting old, attacking Weiß, each side getting hurt bandaging them up. It was beyond old, this was getting out of hand. There wasn't anything amusing by this by now. He knew everything he wanted to know, about them what more could he want to know? He leaned forward in his bed, blue eyes on the handle of the door that was infront of him. Almost waiting for someone to walk through and tell him about a mission. It was tiring, he was tired of fighting Weiß, there was nothing fun, intresting about it anymore. He knew Crawford grew tired of it, he rememberd hearing Crawford ask if survinging was why they still existed, none of Schwarz new had to die, not truely. Rubbing his neck he could feel the tension, the tight knots in his neck that were unnerving for him. slightly annoyed that he couldn't get them out made him want to go out. But he couldn't he was stuck there in his room. And when he was doing that he usaully thought, that was annoying to think when he did it. He'd get indebt with his emotions, and closed his eyes hanging his head letting them rest on his knees. both arms around one knee as the other one lay flat on his bed. "Why do we keep up this game?"

"Because, right now that is our objective. Or do you have a problem with it Mastermind?" A voice, came from the door, uncaring but strickly business as he looked at him. His golden brown eyes gazed through his glasses right at the telepaths head, wondering what his repsonce would be.

"No.... No problem at all Oracle. Just wondering why we keep on doing it is all." He answered looking up, that evil twinkle that he was know for was in his eyes as he watched the precog stand there in his business suit. He saw him smirk and walk out. Laying back on the bed he looked up at the ceiling, for a moment then he sheded his shirt and laid there in his pants while looking at the ceiling. With his mind focused on nothing he felt relaxed, the precog had some nerve always walking in, but he knew he would answer that question. He always did no matter what the question was, he smirked slightly at that, it was their objective. To fight Weiss, even if they died, there would still be evil in the world, but they kept everything stable. Weiss Schwarz, seemed to have to live together in one world in order to surive, to keep everyone on their toes. He yawned as he started to drift alseep, he just wondered, was Weiss tired of this battle as well?
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Not too distant from the place where the telepath lay musing in his bedroom, the young men to whom his unvoiced question was directed were doing some last-minute things to close up shop for the night.

Their preparations for closing the Koneko no Sumu Ie were fairly simple. The green-eyed blond gave a lazy yawn before double-checking the front door's lock; the redhead meanwhile was sweeping up the last of the day's debris into a dustpan. Omi, whose attention was firmly fixed on his calculus textbook, was not part of the evening cleanup -- although he did lift his feet obligingly when Aya came in his direction, purposefully wielding the broom. After shelving the last of his boxes, Ken reentered the main room and sighed, rubbing the back of his hand over his forehead. "'Zat it?"

"It better be... I'm beat," Youji responded, half-staving off another yawn.

"Nights getting too long for you, old man?" teased Ken with a wink. "Don't tell me that ladies-man-Kudou can't keep up with his women anymore."

In fact, Ken knew the reason for Youji's fatigue as well as the others did -- their "midnight jobs" were normally taxing enough, but it was the recent succession of encounter after encounter with Schwarz that had been particularly exhausting. Whether it had been a careful verbal parry with Brad Crawford or a physical face-off with the insane Irishman on the previous night, the next morning the growing strain would take more of its toll. And it was starting to show in their daily lives: Omi had actually been falling asleep in class, Youji hadn't been on a date in weeks, the normally active Ken couldn't bring himself to play with the neighborhood kids for more than an hour, and even Aya was obviously not getting enough time to retain his peace of mind.

"Che, hardly. That's a different kinda energy, and I'm never short on that." A sultry grin.

A somewhat derisive snort. "You could put that 'energy' of yours towards more productive things, y'know."

"I'm ~always~ productive, KenKen."

Omi listened with half an ear as Youji and Ken continued their good-natured banter. If only their carefree appearances were not only surface-level... There was just no telling when the next planned mission would come, or the next urgent message. The boy brushed his bangs from his face, glancing up. Aya was restless. That's what had happened, too much exposure to Schwarz had always put them on edge; the last weeks were no exception. It was nerve-racking and strength-taxing and a terrible mental and emotional strain... it was almost like some kind of prank, some practical joke, some form of humiliation that had been sprung on them over and over and over again until it had just gotten -- old. And pointless. A bad joke. Schwarz probably enjoyed their little game... undoubtedly they did... But for them... for Weiß, it was... just so... completely...... tiring........

"...oi, Omi... are you sleeping or studying?"

Omi's head snapped up, blinking himself back to reality at the sound of Ken's amused -- and exhausted, he noticed -- voice.

Ken chuckled, slinging an arm around his friend's shoulders. "C'mon, you... let's getcha into bed. If you stuff any more integrals into your head it'll be coming out your ears by first period."

"Eh... h-hai..." the boy responded, trying not to yawn as Youji gave in to one of his own.

"Ja... I'll see you on morning shift then, Aya... g'nite all..." The playboy took the stairs two at a time and was soon gone from sight. Aya nodded, shutting off the downstairs lights as Omi and Ken also bid him a good night.

The redhead stared into the darkness outside their shop windows for a long time before pulling the blinds and heading up to bed.
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I just adopted some new anime kitties last night from Ghost's website. ^_^ Totally adorable. ^_^

Here's the site: www.anycities.com/user1/ghostofdawn/menu.html

~Maria Stars


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