Jan. 29th, 2005

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Title: Will I be able?
Author: Yami
Characters: Don't own the young boy. I own the girl Litch, Adriana belongs to a friend.

Standing outside of a house he looked around his surroundings. How it was so easy to go from one place to another. But he never forgot how things where, how the people in the house were. A small frown crept upon his face as he ran his hand through his orange hair. Things were quiet, well for moment anyways. The birds chirpped and cars went by but everything though seemed quiet. He was use to quiet, everything so quiet he didn't seem to mind it much. He gave off a sigh as he looked away from the rode. His eyes starred off a bit to the flowers but he wasn't really looking at them. Taking a step down he made it off of the porch finally. He hada bit though before he got out of the gate. To make those steps were like a crime, something he wouldn't of thought he cared about. But ever since people came into his life he had no choice but to care. Ever since she came into his life he had no choice. But somehow he knew that there was at least one soul, if not two who could not take love so easily. He shook his head as he walked down the stairs a bit then stopped as he heard the door open. He turned around and saw a little girl just standing there holding onto someone else's hand. His eyes fixed on the little girl who was scared and slightly trembling.

"Your leaving... you won't come back will you?" The little girl asked as she watched him. No words had to be given to anything or anyone. It was just silence that he met her with. She frowned and dashed inside the house not wanting to hear or see anything, its as if she already knew what was going to be said. She ran inside and to her older brother clinging to him tears going down her face.
"Whats wrong?? Oi Litch, whats wrong?" He tilted her face up and looked at her quietly he was worried about her. He had never seen his sister so scared of anything before he really wondered what was going on. He picked her up and held her close rocking her slightly.

"Its better this way, I can't go back to this." He said as he looked at the girl standing in the door-way he knew it seemed as if she didn't care. "Take care of her, and him. Protect them from your mother, please."

"I'll do what I can." Her voice was very distasteful as she walked inside slamming the door.

He didn't cringe he only took a picture out of his pocket which showed three children with him and his wife. He frowned a bit as he continue to walk on hoping he could keep them safe. Knowing he left his children to live with their mother was a dangerous, but them being with him was also dangerous. He couldn't have it either way. His children would be in danger at least this way hopefully they will be alright. He prayed his oldest would protect the two younger ones. He could only hope she would, but he knew she hated him for leaving it was either things or they all would die. He couldn't live with that on his mind so hopefully things would change. He hoped at least it would only hope could clear his coniouse.

She calmed down after a little bit and explained it to her brother what had happened, his complection turned pale. As if knowing what was going to happen to both of them, he held her close almost affraid to let her go. With the fact of knowing they were left alone with their mother didn't settle well with either of them. What was worse is that the two would rather die than be with their mother. The girl though squirmed out of his embrace to go find her older sister. She made a dash through the house without being seen by their mother and found her sister. The six year old girl found her twelve year old sister in her room upset. She moved in quietly "Adriana?" she whispered almost to hard to hear. Adriana looked over at her very quiet, but still didn't say anything. She moved over climbing up and sat in Adriana's lap and hugged her. "We'll stay together... Always we will right?"

She looked down at the young girl, unsure how to answer her but only to comfort her. "Yes.. We will." She wrapped her arms around the girl and held her close. "Yes, we will Litch."

The girl smiled and held onto her older sister not letting go not at all. She was content snuggled into her older sister head on her chest and every once in a while shifting on her. They said nothing as they held onto eachother.


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