Apr. 8th, 2005

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The house was silent no one spoke, their they were all sitting around in a circle. This was how it was, and had been for a very long time and now, things were going to shatter and each of them knew it. Quietly they were waiting for someone to speak, to speak and shatter the silence, but no one dared to speak. It was as if they knew, this would be the last time they all would be together, quietly each one got up and said nothing. Walking away one by one, no one said a word. The two red heads looked at eachother the one nodded with her eyes closed, they would end up killing eachother, it was the only way to end this madness. The autemn hair'd girl jerked blocking it she got the redhead off her feat and stabbed her without even thinking, she went blank. How could she of just killed her, without thinking without caring? Why did she decide to do it? Something was wrong but she turned around to get a shot in the chest, her eyes were barely opened seeing it as she fell back. Her eyes closed and then barely opened seeing death, the thing that haunted her so much in her life was standing there looking at her as it took her soul. Now left between a mortal, and a goddess/demon. The two knew that no one could walk out of these walls without dieing but was it so easy for it to happen? The lights went out as there was a shot fired that peirced the air, The redhead was down on the ground with a bloody chest, as the other was panting, a shot to the shoulder as she didn't move slipping down slowly she closed her eyes. She cut her arm quietly it parted but yet it hurt so much to do so, her eyes were closed tightly as it was done. "Je casse ce lien de nos âmes ensemble, vous libérant de ce qui vous bondit à moi. Plus un esclave à ma vie, je casse toutes les cravates à mon âme loin de chaque d'autre." She said it quietly as a red light came breaking the bond with her soul mate, but she was breaking a bond thicker than what she knew, a scream was heard through the empty house, a sea green aura came out lighting up the house leaving the woman with a bloody chest as the creature hissed at the body that was now dead as it vanished. The house laid quiet as there was, four bodies, laying dead on the floor with no one who knew why or how and the secret would be barried with their souls.


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