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Okay so here's that new story. I'm sorry to say that there's no name for it, and not really a rating yet. If a rating is demanded, then I'd have to say PG-13 for some minor language, and if you don't like slash, whether its RPS or FPS, I suggest you don't read it. Cross-posted at [livejournal.com profile] fadingdaydream, [livejournal.com profile] lovemusesloveme, and my lj: [livejournal.com profile] kamaitachi_87, so sorry if you have all three on your flist, you'll be seeing this more than once.


Jack walked into his professor's office, tense and unsure. He had received the message to meet the aged man about opportunities that 'couldn't be passed up' and was to meet him as soon as possible. So there he was, walking into Professor Harling's office.

"You wanted to see me sir?" he asked, his voice sounding much smaller than he would have liked.

"Jack, yes please sit down," Harling offered, standing and shaking Jack's hand before sitting again. "Let's get right to it Jack: I'm concerned for your education here. You don't seem to be doing well, and I know you're a bright boy, otherwise you wouldn't be in this university to begin with." He waited a beat. "I'm transferring you to our UK counterpart. Hopefully you'll fit in better there, and the professors there may be able to help you where we couldn't."

Jack processed this. He was being sent out of the country, away from everything he knew and was familiar with, because his professors couldn't teach him. He was being punished for their failure. He tried his hardest not to feel angry, at least in front of Harling. There was nothing he could say, after all, that could change the man's mind.

"Great," he said, trying to sound enthused and failing miserably. Harling gave him a sympathetic smile. Yeah like you mean that, you old bastard. Jack was dismissed after being given the information he would need. He was leaving that weekend, even though it was only a week until year's end.

When he told his friend Tina she was thrilled for him, telling him this was a great opportunity to meet new people and a slightly different culture. He would have fun, she insisted, going to all the sights and stores. He tried to see it through her point of view, but his imagination was off that day. With a sigh he went to his room to pack the things he didn't need for the next couple of days. When he was finished he lay on his bed, his earphones blaring with Slipknot's 'Duality'. He could only wonder what it would be like there, even though he didn't want to know.


David stretched as he woke, yawning widely. He nearly overslept, but had woken up just in time. He couldn't wait for the summer holiday to start and end as soon as possible. He'd heard a rumour of a new kid entering university, a transfer student, and he wanted to meet them. He loved meeting new people, which was why he was in college to major in Freudian Psychology.

He loved to listen to people, and loved trying to help them. There was nothing quite so satisfying as when he saw a person's mind click, as when they've figured something out. It always made his chest swell, and he felt better about himself than he had the day before.

"Hey Dave!"

"Yeah mate?" he called back, not looking. He pulled his shirt over his head, hearing Theo walked round the corner of their shared dorm room. The blonde's twin brother Michael was still on the top bunk, trying to block out the ungodly sunlight.

"Oh, you woke up?" David smiled at his Scotsman friend.

"Yeah I woke up man," the Brit replied. "I'm not going to miss the last day of university just 'cos it's the last day."

"Just checking mate," Theo teased. "We all know you tend to slack of towards the end of the year, yeah?"

"Who, me?" Mock innocence was thick on David's face. Theo just grinned and shook his head, returning to his own bed on the bottom bunk. Neither he nor his twin had an early course that day, so they were free to sleep in. However the older of the two was always an early riser and had promised to wake David if his alarm failed to go off. Now that the Brit was awake he could get some extra rest, maybe read a book or do any work he hadn't gotten to the night before.

Grabbing his trainers and bookbag, David left his dorm, heading to the E-block Campus Cafe for breakfast. He always ate there, and the waiters and waitresses knew him well.

"Morning Dave," Teresa called. "You want a cuppa with your eggs today?"

"Yeah sure Ter," he replied with a smile. "You know how I like it yeah?"

"I do, that," she agreed, grinning as she walked back into the kitchen. She returned within five minutes with a plate of steaming scrambled eggs and toast with a small side of fruits and bacon. She set his tea alongside his plate and took out her pad and pen. "Anything else?"

"Nah, not right now, thanks luv," he responded, digging into his food as soon as she nodded. He finished quickly, eager to get to his first course, and paid with his student account card before leaving.

It was a quick walk to A-Block, and first course, and Dave was lucky to have gotten there in time. As he sat in his seat and took out his notes and homework he sighed. He loved his courses, and would be anxious for the summer holiday to end the day it would begin.

The day went by to quickly in David's opinion, and before he could revel in the day, courses were over, and it was summer. He would be visiting his mother for the holiday, and his friends in London. It wasn't far from his mother's house, but he'd still opted for room and board at university rather than the commute, what with petrol prices rising as they had been.


Jack sighed as he packed his freshly cleaned laundry. He was leaving for the airport in two hours, and would be on the plane for nearly twelve. Picking up his bags he set them by the door, then sat in front of the networked campus computer. He was logged into AOL Instant Messenger, talking to his older brother in California.

TiNyTiM 76: You gonna miss it in New York Little Bro?

JackiEo81: Not really, it's a little too loud here for my taste... Too much 'city-ness' I guess.

TiNyTiM 76: Yeah? L.A's like rhat too

TiNyTiM 76: that*

JackiEo81: Why do you think I never visit you? :P

TiNyTiM 76: :'(

JackiEo81: Just kidding Tim, you know that.

TiNyTiM 76: lmao, yeah I know

TiNyTiM 76: What time does ur flight leve?

TiNyTiM 76: leave*

JackiEo81: two hours or so..

TiNyTiM 76: Sorry 'bout the typos, eating too

JackiEo81: No problem.

JackiEo81: I'm not going to fit in am I?

TiNyTiM 76: yeah you are, you just gotta get used to it.

TiNyTiM 76: Hey you still fot ur phone right?

TiNyTiM 76: got*

JackiEo81: My cell? Yeah. Why?

TiNyTiM 76: im gonna call you when ur on the plane.

JackiEo81: That would be cool, I haven't spoken to you like that in a while.

TiNyTiM 76: Yeah see? There, I'm done eating, hopefuly no more typos.

TiNyTiM 76: Damn, spoke too soon... hopefully*

JackiEo81: :D

JackiEo81: Hey I've got to call a cab and get my stuff in the airport, then get everything else in order. I'll be waiting for your call okay?

TiNyTiM 76: You got it. ttyl okaty?

TiNyTiM 76: okay*

JackiEo81: haha okay. Bye Tim.

TiNyTiM 76: Bye Jackie.

TiNyTiM 76 has signed off.

Jack signed off as well and called the taxi service nearly an hour after his conversation with Tim, pacing until he heard the horn outside his apartment window. He brought his things out and rode to the airport, waiting in the giftshop until he heard his flight announced.

He could only hope that his nerves were playing tricks on him, and that his brother was right. Jack hated not fitting in, but it seemed that no matter where he went that that was the case: grammar school, middle school, high school, and now college. But at least he hadn't fit in around people he knew. Now he was going to not fit in around people he'd never even seen, let alone met.

Jack sighed as he rested his head against the cushion on his seat. He was alone and by the window seat, waiting for Tim to call. Before he could figure out whether or not his older brother would get around to it, Jack drifted off to sleep.


David took a deep breath and walked into his mother's house. He loved his mum, he really did, but the memories the house brought along were difficult to deal with and a little overwhelming. He could smell the biscuits before he heard the oven ding, and grinned a little. She always made him chocolate chip cookies when he visited or when she visited him.

He walked towards the kitchen, but paused as he passed the mantle above the fireplace. Sitting atop the mantle, in the very centre, was a photo of David and his ex-fiancee. Mum had never gotten over the fact that he and Jonathan had broken up, after nearly two years together. David shook his head and looked at the floor, remembering the reason he had called off th engagement.

David had walked into the flat he'd shared with Jonathan, intent on taking a hot bath and eating a warm meal after his long day at university. However the moment he had walked in the door he smelled incence burning and two glasses of champaigne. Both of them were nearly empty. David swallowed and walked into the bedroom and stared. There was Jonathan, lying naked on the bed with a blonde college girl wrapped around him. David had never been more hurt in his life, and had packed his things and left that night. He hadn't said a word to Jonathan or the girl, nor had he heard anything that was spoken. He had simply left.

When he had walked into his mother's house that same night, she had tried to console him, but had also been confused as to why Jonathan would have done that. He had always been a gentleman to David, and so romantic, treating him as though he were the only important person in the world. Jonathan had tried calling several times, and had even shown up on the door step, only to be cast away.

David's mum walked into the room to see her son staring at the photo, and silently cursed herself for not taking it down before he arrived. He blinked himself out of his reverie, then looked at her, a warm smile on his face.

"Hey Mum," he murmured, hugging her tightly.

"Hi sweetie," she replied, kissing his forehead as he pulled away. "You want biscuits and milk?"

"Yeah please."

They sat at the kitchen table and chatted about university, and how he was doing. They talked about Theo and Michael, and had David found anyone yet?

"Not yet Mum," he told her. "But... I think it's starting to shape up for me you know? I don't feel like I'm going to end up alone. I know that sounds weird, and makes no logical sense, but that just doesn't seem like me."

"It makes perfect sense David," Mum disagreed. "You're not the kind of person to be alone. You never have been, and you never will be. You'll find someone eventually. But what's new? How does it feel to have your first year in university over?"

"I'm a little depressed," he admitted. "I like doing the coursework, and I can't wait for next Autumn to roll round. For two reasons."


"Yeah, to have the coursework again, and also 'cos there's a new kid coming over from the States. A transfer student apparently."

"Oh that'll be fun," she assured him. "You'll befriend them of course."

"Of course, what else am I there for?" He grinned.

"Well I'd hope to learn things as well," Mum teased.

"That's what university is for?"

She smacked his arm gently and they shared a laugh. This was what he's missed, he realised. He hadn't noticed it while he was gone, but he had greatly missed his mother and the conversations they often had.


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