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Jack followed David and the twins to A-block, about a three minute walk, and was revealed the large list of people in each block. David offered to help him look, since it was alphabetically ordered, and they began looking.

"Theo, Mikey, you two check the lists for 'D' and 'E' while Jack and I look through 'B' and 'C', yeah?"

"Yeah, we're on it," Mikey said, snickering slightly at his own words.

"You're on something, yeah," Theo muttered, just loud enough for Jack to hear him. The American smiled slightly but held in his own chuckle. Theo noticed and grinned, but kept looking for Jack's name.

"I found it," Mikey said, reading the E-Block list.

"You did?" came from a chorus of three voices.

"Bennings, Jack W. Room three hundred twelve-B, E-Block. Fancy that," he added. "Same room as us three."

David smiled for an instant, but no one was looking at him so they didn't notice. He was glad Jack was in their dorm. It gave him a great opportunity to learn more about the American. Jack made a surprised sound.

"That's really weird," he murmured as they all walked back to B-Block, and the party.

"What's weird?" David asked.

"Huh? Oh. I just thought it was kind of weird that you all started talking to me and we all ended up in the same dorm. Kind of coincidental."

"It is, isn't it?" Theo agreed.

"Must be fate," Mikey exaggerated with a wistful sigh.

"Drama queen," David muttered.

"Wanker," was the reply.

David grinned. "Tosser."

"Children please," Theo put in before it got out of hand. "I suggest you both restrain yourselves before I have to employ discipline."

"You'd like that too much," Mikey whispered.

David caught it however, and began laughing so hard he was doubled over with tears running down his face. Jack had a smile on his face, but had yet to let loose and laugh. He seemed more confused at the sharing of insults rather than amused by it.

"You get used to it," Theo told him as they reached the door. "If you get sick of it just hit them."

"Um, I don't uh, hit people," Jack replied.

"Oh not hard," the Scotsman assured him.

"Oh aye, just something like this," Mikey said, smacking his brother in the back of the head. Theo reacted by tackling Mikey to the ground and the two rolled, laughing and smacking each other. David walked up to Jack then and shook his head.

"Just ignore them," he said. "It's the easiest way not to get a headache."

"Why do I have a feeling you're talking from experience?"

"'Cos I am," was the amused reply. "Come on inside, they're serving better food now. Courses start this Monday, so you'll have the rest of the week and the weekend to get acclimated," David continued. "You should be set with everything, yeah?"

"I think so."

"Well if you need anything you just tell me and I'll help you out. And don't hesitate to ask Theo or Mikey either. They're a little crazy but then, what Scot isn't?"

Jack smiled again and looked down. He didn't understand why he felt so relaxed around David. The Brit seemed to radiate with security, and it washed over Jack like water in the shower. It felt good.

The party lasted well into the night, and when people finally began to dissipate it was nearly midnight. Jack followed David and the twins to E-Block, and into the dormitory. David showed him where everything was: the small kitchen when you first entered, leading towards the back room where David's bed was, and the other, smaller room with the bunkbeds in which Theo and Mikey slept. Jack noted that next to David's room was a bathroom, and in the corner against the wall was another bed, with a television at the foot of it, along with a desk in another corner with a computer and lamp. It was a small dorm, but it fit four people well.

Jack set his things on the floor just inside the kitchen, but David picked them up and brought them back to the extra bed.

"You can bunk here yeah?" David offered. "The bathroom's free, I mean, don't be shy around here, we're all living mates now. Take what you want when you want, we buy for each other more than ourselves. If any of us want something saved for ourselves, you'll see our names written on it so that's that." Jack was staring and said nothing. "It's late, why don't we get to bed?" David added after a moment. Jack nodded and unpacked his pyjamas.

He changed in the bathroom, and wondered to himself why David was being so nice to him. He wasn't used to anyone but Tim being nice to him, yet here were three people opening up to him as though he were a long lost friend. It made little sense to him, but then, so much here in Britain did.


David lay awake, staring at the ceiling. They had all helped Jack with getting his things into their shared dorm, and would plan on unpacking tomorrow. The American was sleeping in the twin across the room, breathing steadily. David lifted his head when Jack moaned. Slowly the American began thrashing, mumbling incoherently. Climbing out of bed, David gently shook Jack's shoulder. The only result was more mumbling, moaning and thrashing.

"Jack," David whispered. "Jack, wake up."

"No..." Jack whimpered, rolling away. "No stop - please."

"Jack!" David repeated, sitting on the bed and shaking him a little more roughly. "Jack wake-"

He flinched back as Jack suddenly sat up, gripping his arm tightly and burying his face into David's shoulder. Jack was breathing heavily, panting and whimpering, and David felt his shoulder become wet with tears. The American was shivering all over.

Jack was sure David was disgusted with him, and it was that reason - more than the nightmare - that he wouldn't lift his face from the Brit's shoulder. He tensed as he felt David bring his arms around his shoulders. He thought at first that David was going to pull him away, and was therefore surprised when the Brit held him closer.

"It's okay Jack," David murmured. "It's all right, it was just a dream."

"Yeah," Jack replied, his voice strained. J-just a d-dream."

David felt him slowly relax against him as his hands ran in soothing patterns along his back and up his neck. He kneaded the tense muscles in Jack's shoulder and neck with each pass. When the American's breathing returned to normal, David spoke.

"You want me to make you some tea?" he asked, his voice hushed. "It'll help you relax and you'll be able to sleep better."

Jack pulled back and looked at him. "Y-you don't have to... If you d-don't want to..." His eyes fell to his lap. David tilted his head back up.

"Hey, of course I want to. Otherwise I wouldn't have asked, yeah?" He stood and led Jack to the kitchen. "What else are friends for, eh?" Jack nodded, but said nothing.

As David prepared the water and mugs he thought about Jack's reactions, first to the dream and then to him. It was obvious the poor boy had been hurt in the past, and that he had difficulty trusting. David just hoped Jack would soon feel comfortable enough to trust him, and that he might trust him enough to let him exorcise his ghosts.


Jack was grateful to David for not shunning him, and for at least trying to comfort him. But Jack knew that he could never be rid of the dreams. Never be rid of the memories. Sipping his tea, Jack felt his shoulders relax, and allowed David to begin a conversation between them.

"How are you feeling now?"

Jack nodded. "I'm better, thanks." David returned the nod.

"Do you think you'll be able to sleep better?"

"I think so," was the reply. "The tea helped a lot."
David smiled. "If you think the tea's good, wait till morning. I'll be making breakfast as a sort of my own welcome."

"You don't-"

"Have to?" David finished. Jack looked down and nodded. "Jack, do we really have to go through this again? I want to. You're my friend." Jack had no response, so David continued. "Why don't we go back to bed, yeah? You could use the rest."

They stood, and David gently pushed Jack towards his bed. The Brit had an inane urge to kiss Jack's forehead, instead clapping his shoulder. He smiled warmly and went to his own bed.

"Have a good..." David looked at the clock. "Rest of the night," he clarified. Jack smiled slightly.

"You too."

David nodded and rolled to his side, facing the wall and listening to Jack moving. The American had yet to move into a laying position. When he finally did, it was with a sigh puncutated slightly by a sob. David had to resist the urge to go to him again. He knew somehow that it would only push Jack further away, and he didn't want that.

Jack slept dreamlessly for the remainder of the night, and woke to the scent of eggs cooking. He looked at David's wall clock. It was only six thirty. Jack yawned widely and stretched. David glanced up as he walked into the kitchen.

"Morning," David offered. Jack nodded and sat heavily in a chair. David grinned. "Too early for you?"

"Just a little," Jack agreed. "Do you have any coffee?"

"It's just about made," was the reply. "Feel free to shower after you eat up. We'll be helping you unpack and might get sweaty though, so I dunno if you want to wait until later."

The idea of a sweaty David working in close proximity to him made Jack more than a little uncomfortable. He shifted in his seat, no longer quite asleep.

"I'm sure you're busy," Jack began. "I can handle unpacking-"

"Jackie, come on," Davi cut in. The nickname slipped out without his realising. "None of us have anything to do. And nobody should have to deal with unpacking alone." This he declared with a big grin. Jack looked away to hide his smile. David always seemed able to convince him to let him help. The Brit was gentle, but firm, and his actions made Jack feel safer.

He ate the eggs quickly and in silence, sipped the coffee, and made his way to the bathroom. David followed him through the bedroom they shared. Jack removed his shirt, then reached for fresh clothes. He didn't see David until he turned around.

"Oh!" Jack started, holding his clothes self-consciously against his chest. David smiled.

"No real need for modesty mate," David informed him. "We'll be living together for a long time. And no matter how clean I try to keep this place, all males are pigs. I'm sure you'll see all of us in various states of undress, as we will you."

"I'm not exactly a nudist," Jack defended, holding his clothes tighter to his body. The smile cracked David's face again. His eyes seemed to travel of their own volition, moving over Jack's body, and with obvious appreciation of what they saw.

"Why don't you take that shower now, yeah?" David reminded after a long silence. Jack seemed snapped out of a stupor and continued on his way to the bathroom.

Standing under the hot spray, Jak remembered the look in David's eyes. They were curious, and yet seemed to bore into his soul. The light in them was not dissimilar to the light he'd seen in the eyes of the men his mother had whored herself to. And yet... And yet David's light seemed safer.

Jack soaped up his stomach, his hands travelling low over his abdomen. He was so busy thinking about David, and the way he had looked at him, that he failed to notice his hard cock. Until, that is, he began to wash that area.

A small, surprised gasp erupted from Jack's throat. He knew what was happening, but he refused to acknowledge it. Instead he rationalised. His erection was simply a combined reaction of the hot water and his washing hands. Yeah right Jack, believe what you will. He turned the water to cold.

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