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I am looking for a partner or more for a one on one rp. I would love to rp my character from the Yu Yu Hakusho fandom with a Ken, Omi, Youji or well pretty much anybody from the Weiss Kreuz fandom. ((Though I am staying away from Schuldig, Crawford or Farfello because those would not go well XD)) I am looking for a romance with my character being female . She is a canon character but has like...almost no info about her really so most of my things are HCs. However just because I would like a romance doesn't mean I don't want the drama and angst from Weiss Kreuz. Bring it on by all means. I would Love to find a Ken or Youji especially but I will happily rp with any other than those 3 I listed before.

Please feel free to reach me here or on one of the following.

Skype: relentlessartist
email :

I am willing to rp from pretty much any message system..if I do not already have the one you want to use, I am happy to download what is needed.

Thank you

Date: 2017-03-10 02:24 am (UTC)
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First, let me welcome you to our community! Sadly, we're still a bit quiet and not everyone has carried over yet, but at least we have the basics set up.

Secondly, I did take a look at the page you linked...the font is rather small and hard to read, so perhaps a slight change in layout could make people more interested? They can read the character information easier.

I admit, you say this character is canon but I don't recall her. Is she from late in the anime, is she manga-only, or was she from the movies(s)? It's been quite a while since I've watched YYH, heh.

Also, crossovers are a difficult thing to pull off, and if she's obviously not human, that could be even trickier to hide in, say, modern Japan.

I do wish you luck in your quest, and you're more than welcome to stick around! We should get some life in here at some point.

~Mod Virgo


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