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Modly Duties~

So here we are in our new playground, and everything came over well!

Well, okay, the posts and stuff did. Nobody else has shown up yet. May have to go see if anyone's actually still around over there.

For any newcomers, welcome to a rather random sandbox, but a good place to let the muses off their leashes to explore and maybe get some ideas out and about. After all, when the mind gets too full, headaches can happen so easily.

Agent Silver: *pokepokepoke*

...Oh, you're here. Well, since you all are new, how about introducing yourselves?

Agent Shadow: *looks around* There's nobody here except us, you know.

Yes, I'm aware of that. Just in case, though?

Agent Blaze: *blink* Ohhhh, I get it. So the newcomers feel welcome, right? That makes sense.

Agent Silver: *nods* Okay, so, we--wait, this is going to sound weird. How do we explain that we're basically a bunch of ripoffs who run around in armor?

...just like that, dear.

Right then, while I walk these three through things, let's hope people arrive soon so we can get this place lively again. Until next time~

~ Mod Virgo

Weiss Kreuz/ Yu Yu Hakusho crossover?

I am looking for a partner or more for a one on one rp. I would love to rp my character from the Yu Yu Hakusho fandom with a Ken, Omi, Youji or well pretty much anybody from the Weiss Kreuz fandom. ((Though I am staying away from Schuldig, Crawford or Farfello because those would not go well XD)) I am looking for a romance with my character being female . She is a canon character but has like...almost no info about her really so most of my things are HCs. However just because I would like a romance doesn't mean I don't want the drama and angst from Weiss Kreuz. Bring it on by all means. I would Love to find a Ken or Youji especially but I will happily rp with any other than those 3 I listed before.

Please feel free to reach me here or on one of the following.

Skype: relentlessartist
email :

I am willing to rp from pretty much any message system..if I do not already have the one you want to use, I am happy to download what is needed.

Thank you

Weiss Kreuz/ Yu Yu Hakusho crossover?

hello there. I am just taking shots in the dark and messaging anybody who shows an interest in Weiss Kruez for forgive me for this random message. I was wondering if you RPed at all in this fandom or are maybe willing to try?

Updates and Edits

Modly mod modding things~

Decided to edit the profile info a bit, as it's been a while and some things needed to be very updated. Instead of the old terms, your mods have their nametags for things! :)

(Especially since the whole "owner" and "co-founder" tags are outdated, as LJ declared me the owner way back, so it looks a bit weird. Much easier with our nametags.)

Ori continues to get credit for the creation and layout designs for this place, since without her work, we wouldn't have this place at all. I did give the code for this, way back in the day, and I currently work as active mod.

(Noticed she commented to the previous modly post, so it's good to see she hasn't completely vanished off the internet.)

I did make one major change, however: I changed the active email to my own, as I check it every day and I wanted to make sure things were going to someplace they would be caught in a timely manner. After all, if something did come up? I'd want to act fast.

For now, this place is quiet...I think we have eight members currently, and I don't even know how many are still active on LJ at all. I'm determined to keep this place, though, so anyone who still wants to play here, go for it. :)

...after all, we nerdy types need our own playground sometimes, right?


Edit, 02:06 am: Decided to edit the community title, remove the subtitle, and slightly edit the friends page title. If this is supposed to be a place of fun times, why did we have the "stab us with your angst" subtitle anyway? Oo it's rather...dark. Willing to discuss on another idea, but it didn't seem to fit the theme and so I left it blank for now.

As for the journal title? Well, the muses do live in our heads, so "voices in our heads" seemed to fit very well. :) the friends page remains "more voices to play with" but now includes capital letters.

Light housekeeping. Not trying to completely change things, but trying to make it seem a little more welcoming and on-topic. The layout change is interesting, but maybe I just don't see why the reapers. Will leave it for now, though, as it's not my thing to change alone.

...the mood icons will remain the adorable kitties for all time. So there. :)

(no subject) updates since 2005? Must be one hell of a vacation for all the muses.

Anybody still around, should we keep this going, or has everyone decided it's over? If we don't get it moving again, it'll probably go up as a possible deletion in the future, and I'm sure those of us who love reading old posts will be upset.

We could have a party or something, see how our writing has evolved. I'm up for reviving this place, who else would be in? A big reunion event or something, for those who are still here.

It's an idea, at least, since I'd hate to see this place go.


unknown mystery

Breathing didn't matter to the young boy as much as moving did. If they boy didn't move he would end up dead, and that scared him more than anything. He crawled slowly as his breathing got harder. Moving to the door he went to open it but jumped back when someone opened it. The woman looked around then looked down, a hand out to the boy. "Come here." The command made the boy move slowly taking her hand. She lifted the boy into her arms hand on his head as she walked out just staring streight ahead not looking around.

"whats... gunnna.. happen" The boy gasped out barely able to breath correctly he was also shaking a bit. The only thing he was greeted with was silence, it only made him uncomfortable as they walked down halls. Cell after cell after cell, that all there was down the hall. It was petrifying to those who knew what laid behind those doors. And he for some reason knew what was behind the doors, as if he had seen what they had been put through. There were so many futile attempts to stop Esset and Rozen Kruz, no one was winning any battles. And anyone who worked for them weren't winning, kids being picked up off the street, taken there to learn on their powers, it didn't matter if they made it this far, it was most likely they would never be seen again. There were to many things that happened within these walls, and the screaming never stopped. "what...are you... gunna.. do to... me?" The boy breathed out again holding his chest in pain, still no answer from the woman.

The woman made it out to where there others, a black hair'd lady with wild green eyes, ones that told she would enjoy seeing blood your everywhere but inside of you, another one, eyes were silver and cold, hair was a maroon color, very strange but yet you could see some orange hair there as well. Another person though, you couldn't tell if it was human or not, or exactly what it was male or female, this one had slick black hair almost like silk, and bright blue eyes that didn't match, quiet a frightening thing to look at. the next had light blue hair and light blue eyes. There was nothing said as she only seemed to look streight. "Lets get him out of here... Before we all die."

"Don't you mean we are going to die?" The woman holdign the boy finally spoke as they headed out of the building, neither said a word again. The boy only could tremble more into her arms as he was having trouble breathing even more, his lungs were giving out on him as they vanished within a dark ally the one with slik black hair and bright blue eyes touched him healing him a bit.

"Good.. now lets get on with this.."

Tehre was a laugh from some of them but they all smirked. "whatever you say storm." The one who healed the boy said.

"I'm storm, Shadow is holding you, Nexcess healed you, the crazy black hair'd girl is Banshee, don't piss her off or get white near her. The next one is Frosty, don't ask and you won't find out. Your under our protection now boy... Don't blow it.." Storm's silver eyes watched him as he shivered slightly and ended up falling unconiouse from the previous blows he had gotten before they got there.


Some secrets were ment to be kept.

The house was silent no one spoke, their they were all sitting around in a circle. This was how it was, and had been for a very long time and now, things were going to shatter and each of them knew it. Quietly they were waiting for someone to speak, to speak and shatter the silence, but no one dared to speak. It was as if they knew, this would be the last time they all would be together, quietly each one got up and said nothing. Walking away one by one, no one said a word. The two red heads looked at eachother the one nodded with her eyes closed, they would end up killing eachother, it was the only way to end this madness. The autemn hair'd girl jerked blocking it she got the redhead off her feat and stabbed her without even thinking, she went blank. How could she of just killed her, without thinking without caring? Why did she decide to do it? Something was wrong but she turned around to get a shot in the chest, her eyes were barely opened seeing it as she fell back. Her eyes closed and then barely opened seeing death, the thing that haunted her so much in her life was standing there looking at her as it took her soul. Now left between a mortal, and a goddess/demon. The two knew that no one could walk out of these walls without dieing but was it so easy for it to happen? The lights went out as there was a shot fired that peirced the air, The redhead was down on the ground with a bloody chest, as the other was panting, a shot to the shoulder as she didn't move slipping down slowly she closed her eyes. She cut her arm quietly it parted but yet it hurt so much to do so, her eyes were closed tightly as it was done. "Je casse ce lien de nos âmes ensemble, vous libérant de ce qui vous bondit à moi. Plus un esclave à ma vie, je casse toutes les cravates à mon âme loin de chaque d'autre." She said it quietly as a red light came breaking the bond with her soul mate, but she was breaking a bond thicker than what she knew, a scream was heard through the empty house, a sea green aura came out lighting up the house leaving the woman with a bloody chest as the creature hissed at the body that was now dead as it vanished. The house laid quiet as there was, four bodies, laying dead on the floor with no one who knew why or how and the secret would be barried with their souls.

Will I be able?

Title: Will I be able?
Author: Yami
Characters: Don't own the young boy. I own the girl Litch, Adriana belongs to a friend.

Standing outside of a house he looked around his surroundings. How it was so easy to go from one place to another. But he never forgot how things where, how the people in the house were. A small frown crept upon his face as he ran his hand through his orange hair. Things were quiet, well for moment anyways. The birds chirpped and cars went by but everything though seemed quiet. He was use to quiet, everything so quiet he didn't seem to mind it much. He gave off a sigh as he looked away from the rode. His eyes starred off a bit to the flowers but he wasn't really looking at them. Taking a step down he made it off of the porch finally. He hada bit though before he got out of the gate. To make those steps were like a crime, something he wouldn't of thought he cared about. But ever since people came into his life he had no choice but to care. Ever since she came into his life he had no choice. But somehow he knew that there was at least one soul, if not two who could not take love so easily. He shook his head as he walked down the stairs a bit then stopped as he heard the door open. He turned around and saw a little girl just standing there holding onto someone else's hand. His eyes fixed on the little girl who was scared and slightly trembling.

"Your leaving... you won't come back will you?" The little girl asked as she watched him. No words had to be given to anything or anyone. It was just silence that he met her with. She frowned and dashed inside the house not wanting to hear or see anything, its as if she already knew what was going to be said. She ran inside and to her older brother clinging to him tears going down her face.
"Whats wrong?? Oi Litch, whats wrong?" He tilted her face up and looked at her quietly he was worried about her. He had never seen his sister so scared of anything before he really wondered what was going on. He picked her up and held her close rocking her slightly.

"Its better this way, I can't go back to this." He said as he looked at the girl standing in the door-way he knew it seemed as if she didn't care. "Take care of her, and him. Protect them from your mother, please."

"I'll do what I can." Her voice was very distasteful as she walked inside slamming the door.

He didn't cringe he only took a picture out of his pocket which showed three children with him and his wife. He frowned a bit as he continue to walk on hoping he could keep them safe. Knowing he left his children to live with their mother was a dangerous, but them being with him was also dangerous. He couldn't have it either way. His children would be in danger at least this way hopefully they will be alright. He prayed his oldest would protect the two younger ones. He could only hope she would, but he knew she hated him for leaving it was either things or they all would die. He couldn't live with that on his mind so hopefully things would change. He hoped at least it would only hope could clear his coniouse.

She calmed down after a little bit and explained it to her brother what had happened, his complection turned pale. As if knowing what was going to happen to both of them, he held her close almost affraid to let her go. With the fact of knowing they were left alone with their mother didn't settle well with either of them. What was worse is that the two would rather die than be with their mother. The girl though squirmed out of his embrace to go find her older sister. She made a dash through the house without being seen by their mother and found her sister. The six year old girl found her twelve year old sister in her room upset. She moved in quietly "Adriana?" she whispered almost to hard to hear. Adriana looked over at her very quiet, but still didn't say anything. She moved over climbing up and sat in Adriana's lap and hugged her. "We'll stay together... Always we will right?"

She looked down at the young girl, unsure how to answer her but only to comfort her. "Yes.. We will." She wrapped her arms around the girl and held her close. "Yes, we will Litch."

The girl smiled and held onto her older sister not letting go not at all. She was content snuggled into her older sister head on her chest and every once in a while shifting on her. They said nothing as they held onto eachother.

(no subject)

Of course, he was the type who was very aware when things around him were out of place. Even something that was as background to his life as his walk home from work did not escape his careful observation. He noticed quite easily that the young, neglected-looking girl standing against the wall of one of the closed stores along the street that night seemed to be trying very hard to avoid being noticed. But though he was aware of such differences, he wasn't usually one to pay any real heed to such details; but today, something prompted him to stop and inquire of her:

"Are you lost, child?"

Shocked and frightened hazel eyes looked up at him from a white face framed by brownish blonde hair, the girl having been completely unprepared for anyone to address her, much less this deep-voiced, sleek, composed, professional-looking man...

"" the little girl responded at last in a tiny, timid voice.

"I apologize for startling you," he said mildly, gold eyes never leaving her face. "However, you don't seem as if... you belong here." It was meant to be a question.

She looked down at her shoes and kicked uncomfortably at an invisible rock. When those eyes did not stop watching her, she offered finally, "...I'm not lost. I just ran away. And I'm hiding from them."

He squatted down to be at her eye level. "I see."

She looked up at him finally, longing and lonely eyes searching his for some kind of sympathy, some kind of gentleness, kindness, warmth... "I don't know where to go now."

"You can't go back?" he asked matter-of-factly.

She looked away again, shrugging, disappointed. "...I guess." She pushed away from the wall to move somewhere else. "...Sorry I bothered you, sir."

But a hand was placed on her head before she could get anywhere. She looked up at him again.

He was standing now, and those gold eyes seemed to capture and hold onto her heart like nothing she'd ever experienced before. Behind that impassive expression, she had the sudden impression of a golden light, something strong, warm, protective, and safe...

Without fully understanding why, she moved and clung to his jacket, burying her face in his side. Inside herself, her mind was screaming out, fearing -- expecting rejection, expecting to be brushed aside by this stranger... but at the same time she wanted nothing more than to be at his side, to be this close to him for even a short moment, to take even just a little of that strong safe warm presence and wrap herself in it, just for a little...

She jerked slightly and stared at him disbelievingly when he crouched and took her into his arms.

"You will be safe here."

The voice was warm like the light inside him. It held her close like his arms, like a bright and strong blanket.

"...don't be afraid. I will protect you."

The girl closed her eyes and laid her head on his shoulder, curled tightly in his arms and clinging to his lapel, uncontrollable tears slipping from hazel eyes beneath her lashes. She couldn't tell whether she was weeping out of joy, sorrow, fear, or relief. But regardless, the warm presence never left her.

"Take my strength... I will be here for you... always."

Supersize our tragedies

Here's part two for all of you. I think it's better than the first part, and certainly a lot more interesting things happen in it. Once again cross posted in the three following: [ profile] fadingdaydream, [ profile] lovemusesloveme and [ profile] kamaitachi_87

Part Two: In which Jack meets David... )

And we're all to blame

Okay so here's that new story. I'm sorry to say that there's no name for it, and not really a rating yet. If a rating is demanded, then I'd have to say PG-13 for some minor language, and if you don't like slash, whether its RPS or FPS, I suggest you don't read it. Cross-posted at [ profile] fadingdaydream, [ profile] lovemusesloveme, and my lj: [ profile] kamaitachi_87, so sorry if you have all three on your flist, you'll be seeing this more than once.

OC m/m fic )

the owner/whatever does live.....

*crawls into the room with a whimper* x.x

Schu: ...... *looks over* I think its finally killed her over..

Youji: *looks* I hope >.<; It be so much easier on us.

Sanzou: ...... if she dies you know how hikari is going to take that?

Schu: *cringes at the thought* >.>;; don't think that if IF we keep her away, Crawford, Hakkai, and Gojou will be okay?

Youji: No one will go looking for her then. We should be safe.. since they don't go looking for her anyways.

Sanzou: -_- baka's *sits and read his paper*

*now dead due to muses neglecting her*

Goku: *walks in stops* >.>; Etto Yami??

Schu: >.>; Leave her alone Goku!

Goku: demoo!! If she dies Neko dies >.

Bunnies galore!

So I was bitten by a Funnie Bunny a couple of days ago, but it hasn't let go, so I'm going to add a bit more today:

Funnie Bunny )

So yeah, that's how it goes. :P



All men die, not all men really live...

So... I'm not really sure what this community is all about... I'd better check into that nay? I joined by request, and this is my first post here... Maybe there'll be more yeah?


(no subject)

Urm... well I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to do exactly... but Virgo said I should post interests and stuff... sooo here goes, I guess..

You guys can call me.. Hige-chan. ^^;; 'Cause he's my favorite Wolf's Rain character... and... well that's my nickname XD

Anyway.. I'm into anime.. duh.. expecially Yu Yu Hakusho. Hence the screenname. What else..? Oh, muses. Almost forgot. I have way to many muses to name..

Urm... what else... well, I guess that's all I can think of at the moment ^^;; Hope the community can get going again! Ja.


After a long time....

...your lowly mod has returned. ^^;

This place has gotten so deserted lately, it's almost like a ghost town or something.

Aela: Well, it's not like we aren't all busy or something, y'know? We have lives and stuff...

Yeah, I'm aware, but the last post in here was in summer, and it was mine. I see a problem here.

At least we're getting a new person, and perhaps even more than one. ^^; Tasha-Hige-chan, welcome when you get here, and pass the message along. We're always happy to get new people in here.

Not even the creator is talking...boy, this place has gone to seed really fast (or maybe it's just me). those who are alive still, how has your writing/muses been doing? ^^; Discussion topic.

Until next time...



Wow, it got very dead in here. Oo Where'd everybody go?

We gotta do something to perk this place up again...that is, if you guys want to. Maybe a story challenge or something? Anything? We didn't get very far on that last round-robin fic...

(Yes, I am posting from school before I take my first final of the day/year, so...blah, bored. Too hot in here x.x)

Is there anyone out there who wants to suggest something? I'm open to ideas, really. ^^; I beg you all, seriously.


to lost

Rating pg-13 for mild language
can we find our way home )