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Breathing didn't matter to the young boy as much as moving did. If they boy didn't move he would end up dead, and that scared him more than anything. He crawled slowly as his breathing got harder. Moving to the door he went to open it but jumped back when someone opened it. The woman looked around then looked down, a hand out to the boy. "Come here." The command made the boy move slowly taking her hand. She lifted the boy into her arms hand on his head as she walked out just staring streight ahead not looking around.

"whats... gunnna.. happen to..me?" The boy gasped out barely able to breath correctly he was also shaking a bit. The only thing he was greeted with was silence, it only made him uncomfortable as they walked down halls. Cell after cell after cell, that all there was down the hall. It was petrifying to those who knew what laid behind those doors. And he for some reason knew what was behind the doors, as if he had seen what they had been put through. There were so many futile attempts to stop Esset and Rozen Kruz, no one was winning any battles. And anyone who worked for them weren't winning, kids being picked up off the street, taken there to learn on their powers, it didn't matter if they made it this far, it was most likely they would never be seen again. There were to many things that happened within these walls, and the screaming never stopped. "what...are you... gunna.. do to... me?" The boy breathed out again holding his chest in pain, still no answer from the woman.

The woman made it out to where there others, a black hair'd lady with wild green eyes, ones that told she would enjoy seeing blood your everywhere but inside of you, another one, eyes were silver and cold, hair was a maroon color, very strange but yet you could see some orange hair there as well. Another person though, you couldn't tell if it was human or not, or exactly what it was male or female, this one had slick black hair almost like silk, and bright blue eyes that didn't match, quiet a frightening thing to look at. the next had light blue hair and light blue eyes. There was nothing said as she only seemed to look streight. "Lets get him out of here... Before we all die."

"Don't you mean we are going to die?" The woman holdign the boy finally spoke as they headed out of the building, neither said a word again. The boy only could tremble more into her arms as he was having trouble breathing even more, his lungs were giving out on him as they vanished within a dark ally the one with slik black hair and bright blue eyes touched him healing him a bit.

"Good.. now lets get on with this.."

Tehre was a laugh from some of them but they all smirked. "whatever you say storm." The one who healed the boy said.

"I'm storm, Shadow is holding you, Nexcess healed you, the crazy black hair'd girl is Banshee, don't piss her off or get white near her. The next one is Frosty, don't ask and you won't find out. Your under our protection now boy... Don't blow it.." Storm's silver eyes watched him as he shivered slightly and ended up falling unconiouse from the previous blows he had gotten before they got there.

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