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Voices in our Heads

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Name:Voices in Our Heads
Posting Access:All Members
Ori = Person who came up with the name, did the layout, and did the screen color.
Virgo = Person who got the code and gave it to the creator of the journal.

Ori's Journal: iceangel19
Virgo's Journal: virgo186 (current community owner)

This community is for muses of anything, fandom or original, and anyone please feel free to join. Make a story or whatever, it doesn't matter, it's here to enjoy.

Any unnecessary harshness or being plain rude and you will be banned. There are no exceptions to that.

This is a place to have fun, so don't be jerks, guys. :)
Fanart, fanfiction, and chatting are all allowed. Please have fun with each other. If you have fanfiction or fanart please use an LJ-cut on it. Thank you very much. There are tons of muses here and this is a big house. *ahem*

Current events (mod): (As of 06/06/13) So yeah, still very quiet here. Membership low, guess the writing vibes are slowing down. I'm still here, anyway. :)

Made needed edits to profile info, as things are a little old. Those members still hanging around, come on back sometime. Bring your friends. (Has anyone seen Ori?)
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