Jan. 5th, 2004

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Jan. 5th, 2004 12:12 am
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Alright, sorry for my holding up the fic, but I tried typing my entry earlier and LJ ate it. So...if this posts, I'll be trying to replace that entry. If not, then LJ has an attitude problem 'cause I refuse to use unicode. I've seen it make posts turn out all funky.

So.....here goes...

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OOC: Virgo's post she's having problems so I'm posting caus she asked me to


A clear dark sky and a silver moon. Everything quiet, nobody out and about. It was late at night, so most buildings were closed up, windows dark.

Not everybody was asleep, though. One boy still sat in his darkened room, by his open window, thinking. Too awake to sleep, too much on his mind to do anything else. Alone, since even if anyone else was still awake, nobody would want to listen to him. They all had their own mental battles and emotional issues, anyway.

Why did their schedules always repeat? It was the same basic job, every night it seemed. Every night, the same thing. Continuity wasn't the most interesting part of their job anymore, really. So many people lost, so much despair...

All caused by them. All because of who they were..no, became. Who they had become. They weren't the same, no.

Amazing what a night alone can do to a boy, Nagi thought.


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