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Title: Nothing to Live for
Series: unknown // Weiss n Saiyuki
Author: Yami

She blinked as she just stood there, blood dripping down her hand and she looked up. She could barely breath, trying to keep herself from crying out in pain as she just stared up at him. "Doushite?" She whispered out to him, just looking into his eyes. There was nothing said as he turned around and walked away. His cape moved with him as his sword left and she just sat on the ground blinking, eyes closed painfully as she just sat there.

Tenpou pulling free of the guards holding him back "Iie!!! YAMERO!!!!"
Kinpa struggling, and looks at Tenpou, gray eyes meet his as she barely whispers "I love you Tenpou...." gets jerked back and taken out.
"Kinpa!! KINPA!!! LET GO OF ME YOU BASTARDS....!!!" Tenpou yelled as he starts swinging at them.
sene changes that their on earth and Kinpa is infront of Zenon, and gets shot in the chest a slight sound is heard as she falls to the ground.

Lilly slightly jerked out of her mind eyes wide as she looked up at the man who was tehre in her room. "N..nani desu ka?"
The man just looked at her, uncaring almost hollow eyes looking down into her grey ones. "You should of been dead long ago."
She blinked at his eyes and moved back until she hit the wall, her eyes now showed fear toward him instead of the dream she had.
He moved almost to quickly for her to see as a sword went into her chest. She gasped out eyes wide in pain as it went streight threw her and looked at him she coughed up a bit of blood as he drew out his sword. Her body slumped forward and hit the ground unconiouse with her eyes closed in pain. The dull thud didn't seem to be bother him as he walked like a ghost leaving the house. He ended up in a dark place and looked toward where the other girl that so many years ago he had put in torment and pointed his sword toward. "Come out."
The girl with black hair, black eyes and black wings walked out and looked at him. "So you've come to finish the job Zenon? Kinpa didn't deserv to die again."
"Do you think I care? She wasn't supose to live." He moved almost to quickly as he was coming at her with his sword.
Kuroi barely blocked it with her bow she could hear it cracking as the sword started to break through it. "She was given... a second chance" She whispered out to him.
He laughed at her "Just like this." He kicked her in the stumoch and moved back then stabbed the sword in her stumoch, her blood moving down the sword.
She looked up at him as she moved an arrow almost quickly and into him her blood on it. "then..we die.. together." She whispered as the sword was moved out and she laid on the ground, her body not moving as she was soaking in her own blood of death.
Zenon groaned as he felt the blood like posion move through his body and fell to the ground eye closed as he had carried out his order to have kinpa dead.
Lilly was found the next moring in a pool of blood dead by a sword of some type.


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