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Modly mod modding things~

Decided to edit the profile info a bit, as it's been a while and some things needed to be very updated. Instead of the old terms, your mods have their nametags for things! :)

(Especially since the whole "owner" and "co-founder" tags are outdated, as LJ declared me the owner way back, so it looks a bit weird. Much easier with our nametags.)

Ori continues to get credit for the creation and layout designs for this place, since without her work, we wouldn't have this place at all. I did give the code for this, way back in the day, and I currently work as active mod.

(Noticed she commented to the previous modly post, so it's good to see she hasn't completely vanished off the internet.)

I did make one major change, however: I changed the active email to my own, as I check it every day and I wanted to make sure things were going to someplace they would be caught in a timely manner. After all, if something did come up? I'd want to act fast.

For now, this place is quiet...I think we have eight members currently, and I don't even know how many are still active on LJ at all. I'm determined to keep this place, though, so anyone who still wants to play here, go for it. :)

...after all, we nerdy types need our own playground sometimes, right?


Edit, 02:06 am: Decided to edit the community title, remove the subtitle, and slightly edit the friends page title. If this is supposed to be a place of fun times, why did we have the "stab us with your angst" subtitle anyway? Oo it's rather...dark. Willing to discuss on another idea, but it didn't seem to fit the theme and so I left it blank for now.

As for the journal title? Well, the muses do live in our heads, so "voices in our heads" seemed to fit very well. :) the friends page remains "more voices to play with" but now includes capital letters.

Light housekeeping. Not trying to completely change things, but trying to make it seem a little more welcoming and on-topic. The layout change is interesting, but maybe I just don't see why the reapers. Will leave it for now, though, as it's not my thing to change alone.

...the mood icons will remain the adorable kitties for all time. So there. :)


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